About the Downtown Long Beach Wireless Hot Zone

Four Long Beach tech companies, two global suppliers and the City have combined their expertise to create the Downtown Wireless Internet District. With the coordination of the City's Economic Development Bureau, local companies, Development Tech, Color Broadband, G-site Web and MMInternet in conjunction with regional suppliers Vernier Networks and Intermec have created the City's first free Wireless Internet District. The network is the first step in a plan to develop wireless districts in selected business areas throughout the city.


Downtown Wireless coverage
Coverage area map. (above)
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Downtown Wireless coverage The expandable network will eventually cover the entire downtown area. The initial network currently covers an area on Pine Avenue beginning at Ocean Bl. and runs north a little beyond 4th St. Utilizing the 802.11b standard this network will allow almost anyone with a laptop computer equipped with a standard 802.11b wireless card to lunch or dine on the sidewalk patio of their favorite Pine Avenue restaurant and browse the Internet or answer email. See diagram at right. Click here to see a detailed aerial view

The User Experience

The system is a free broadband service and will have some time controls, but will give the downtown visitor a new experience and offer local businesses some very interesting marketing opportunities. Besides its broadband service, a number of features have been developed specifically to give the visitor a chance to become familiar with Downtown Long Beach. The system incorporates a specialized web portal that automatically loads when the visitor first logs on. The portal features links, specific to Long Beach events and Long Beach websites. Utilizing the LongBeachOnLine.net database it is designed to give local businesses and organizations (with a web presence) an opportunity to reach an audience that is already in the area. The portal also incorporates a "real time" events calendar which will allow merchants and organizations to list upcoming, events, sales, specials, entertainment or other services. Merchants may also purchase impulse advertising as well. Programs for various advertising packages are available. The objective is to maximize the visitor experience by helping them find out about Long Beach.

System Nuts & Bolts

The system connects to the Internet at the offices of Color Broadband located near Long Beach Bl. and Ocean. Access is controlled through Vernier Network's state of the art "IS 6000 Integrated Systemô." Utilizing sophisticated radio technology provided by Color Broadband the signal is sent out to Intermec access points located along Pine Avenue. The end user is greeted with an easy to use access interface and Web Portal developed by G-site Web utilizing its comprehensive LongBeachOnLine.net database. The portal is hosted at Long Beach's own MMInternet and is accessible by any computer through the internet at: www.LongBeachPortals.com

The Team

This system was developed with the cooperation and guidance of The Department of Public Works, The Long Beach Economic Development Bureau and Development Tech. Key members of the Design and Implementation Team are:
  Vernier Networks   Color Broadband, Inc   Development Tech Consulting   G-site Web & Consulting

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