Airport to debut wireless district
L.B.: City's second Wi-Fi zone will be online in May.
By Felix Sanchez, Staff writer
"Hot Zone' technology that was first unveiled along downtown Long Beach's Pine Avenue and lets visitors with laptops or handheld computers cruise the Internet for free is now closer to reality at the Long Beach Airport.

Developed by G-site Web in conjunction with the city of Long Beach, JetBlue Airways and the Long Beach Airport, a new wireless portal will soon help travelers arriving, departing, waiting or connecting at the facility to become familiar with the city's offerings.

It will feature real-time local, national, world, sports and business headlines provided by the Press-Telegram, and will let travelers see real-time arrival and departure schedules from JetBlue.

G-site founder Lorenzo Gigliotti said a real-time local event calendar will also be accessible to users, giving information about activities from organizations, businesses and the city.

The first Hot Zone high-speed wireless Internet district was introduced in January along Pine Avenue, between First and Fourth streets.

To access the Internet, users need a computer, an Internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and a "Wi-Fi' adapter card that is designed for wireless computer networking. It uses an antenna to communicate with the wireless network.

Previews of what will be available at the Long Beach Airport Wireless District are at http://www.longbeachportals.com/ . The district itself is scheduled to open sometime in May.